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To quote [livejournal.com profile] dajt:There are some people around whom one should never even *think* "I want a pony".
So what did I do? I acquired, on free lease, a horse for him to ride. In essence, I got my boyfriend a pony for Christmas. His name is Buzz. There will be photos when I can take some of the two of them together.

I spent yesterday driving to nearly VT to pick him up. Buzz's people where nice and met me in West Lebanon NH, so I didn't have to drive the extra 45 min over hill and dale to Strafford VT. I'm really glad they did too, because we met "snow squalls" on the way up, which were more like a micro-blizzard and then the whole rest of the way I was dealing with wet/potentially icy roads. The driving took a lot out of me, but then I got home to 2 crises: Alice's truck needing repair and a broken stall door. My awesome brother came and fixed the door. Alice's truck got here, then to the shop, by way of her driving home and trading it for my truck, which she wanted to cap on, so there was getting that down from [livejournal.com profile] chocorua's barn. Needless to say, by the time I was done with all of that, I was pretty cooked. Slept well last night.
Which was really good, because today........
This horse needs a house, because the barn has all of it's stalls full as of tomorrow. I have a shed in a pasture, which currently houses some goats (not mine), and with a couple hours worth of work is now also housing Buzz. It was <10 Deg. F when [livejournal.com profile] miekec and I started working. I am constantly surprised at how prepared I am for working in those conditions. I was not cold. After we got Buzz down to the shed, it was time to pick up Alice's truck, which had no more wrong with it than a bad battery which was still under warranty, so they didn't charge me for anything. Then I got to the other thing that was on my list for 'before this storm' which was getting the manure spreader towed to the dealer for minor repairs to parts that have rusted. Which was about 45 min at under 30mph because spreader bearings aren't good for more than that speed. Got Miekec to the train station just as the train was pulling out, thanks to the clock in A's truck being 5 min slow. That was slightly frustrating, but she was happy to go sit in the bar, and I trundled home to go finish getting hay down to Buzz's shed and check in with Kat, my awesome sis-in-law and the barn managere here to make sure that everything was all set. I really should go back out and do something with Wyatt, but it's now back below 10 deg F, and I think he can wait until morning when it is supposed to be warmer. I expect I'll sleep well again tonight. 


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