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 My house is one step closer to being smaller. Today Comcast's subcontractor came and moved the cable. Now my excavation contractor just has to finish filling in the trenches. 
Other things on the pre-demolition checklist:
new living room out of sunroom and hallway - the floor is done, needs trim, bookcases and paint.
new HC bathroom in old laundry room (keeping laundry there) - needs floor, sink, toilet, trim, and paint.
remove hot tub from cellar pool - prep work done, scheduled for movement on Monday
Drain heating system - done
Shut off domestic water from affected area (cut and cap pipes as necessary) - plumber next week?
Kill electric to demo area - 90% done. 
remove baseboards from demo area - in progress
remove windows from demo area - trim is off most of them, that'll likely be the last thing pre-demo.
Move furniture from office and library into new living room - library is partly packed, otherwise waiting for space to be finished.
Move buried cables coming up from PV panels to house - the new routing requires lots of earthmoving, which starts Monday after the hot tub is out.
As a side effect of reconstruction these other projects are in the works:
replace oil-fired boiler with gas - step one of acquiring larger propane tank is 90% done; tank is here and gas co should be here Monday to hook it up.
gut and re-flue main chimney - slated to be done concurrently with heat system replacement. 

The fact that we are far enough along to even have a checklist is pretty awesome.

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