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Jul. 28th, 2017 09:17 am
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So many changes! I went to livejournal to check something, and holy moly, I had no idea of all that drama.

Well, I guess I'd better start trying to catch up here.

Life rolls on as usual. Grandbaby is now nearly FIVE. She is my joy. I don't see her nearly as much as I should, considering she only lives a few miles away. Everyone's work schedules just don't mesh.

My shop is still doing good, not the crazy insane busy that it was a few years ago, but still quite nice. And since I'm a one person show, that's just fine with me. I remember many nights going home in tears from the exhaustion.

One of my nieces is getting married in August, and we have all put our time and energy into that. I'm doing all the flowers, so I hope to post a lot of pictures.

My youngest still is living at home, he bought a 1975 {gosh, now I am not sure if that is the right year.} Toyota FJ40 So that has taken most of his time and energy and money this summer. I have to admit, it is crazy fun to ride in. He even did a short stint apprenticing with my leather guy, to learn how to make his own seat covers! He has the prototypes done, but then ran out of cash to buy the actual fabric {or leather} for the finished seats.

We've been trying to plan a trip down to Central Oregon for the eclipse, but the wedding is very close to that, so the eclipse plans are very sketchy at this point. We don't live too far away, so luckily we won't HAVE to get a hotel.
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The Camino eventually exhausts the urban jungle and ducks in and out and under highways for a bit, passing near the odd quasi-suburban housing development. Occasionally, you get a lovely view, such as this footbridge over the stream.

Date: 13 April 2016
Place: Burgos (Castilla y León, Spain)
(more at http://www.thomryng.com/camino/camino-photo-of-the-day-the-road-from-burgos/)

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DARTH VADER #4 preview

Jul. 28th, 2017 10:55 am
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A preview of DARTH VADER #4 shows Vader in bad shape. Like, "I survived Mustafar for THIS?" bad shape.

The Sith cannot win )

The Silent March

Jul. 28th, 2017 10:39 am
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Google Doodle: 100th anniversary of the Silent Parade

100 years ago today, nearly 10,000 African Americans walked in complete silence down New York City's Fifth Avenue. The protest, depicted in today's Google Doodle on the search engine's homepage, was organized by the NAACP in an effort to speak out against lynching and racial violence in the years after slavery was abolished. It was also a call to action aimed at President Woodrow Wilson to take legislative action to protect African Americans from anti-black violence.

Known as the Silent Parade of 1917, the march began at 59th Street and ended at 23rd Street — with children at the front, women wearing white in the middle, and men in the back.

According to the National Humanities Center, a flyer that was handed out before the march cited lynchings in Memphis and Waco, Texas, as well as the East St. Louis race riot of 1917. Banners in the Silent Parade had powerful words of protest, such as, "We helped to plant the flag in every American dominion," "We are maligned as lazy, and murdered when we work," and "Thou shalt not kill."

In a flyer distributed by the NCAAP ahead of the Silent Parade, Reverend Chas. D. Martin detailed the need for action:

"We march because we want our children to live in a better land and enjoy fairer conditions than have fallen to our lot. We march in memory of our butchered dead, the massacre of the honest toilers who were removing the reproach of laziness and thriftlessness hurled at the entire race. They died to prove our worthiness to live. We live in spite of death shadowing sand ours. We prosper in the face of the most unwarranted and illegal oppression."

The Silent Parade initiated what has been almost a century of civil rights movements: 46 years later, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have A Dream" speech during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom; and 96 years after the protest, the Black Lives Matter movement was formed.

To learn more about the Parade and the events that led up to it, check out Google's interactive collaboration with the Equal Justice initiative.

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a dog running towards the camera - cover to a stroy about a weiner dog who was paralyzed but ended up being able to walk

For the past 22 years, the Los Angeles Race Course in Southern California has been the site of the annual Wiener National Races. It is a place where talented dachshunds sprint to the finish line. The annual event draws in just over 90 competing canines from around the area and has over 10,000 fans!

But this year, is truly inspirational. One very special contestant named Lady Bug...aka "The Bug" not only had tails wagging and dogs barking... but the crowd cheering! Many underestimated the small pup, but forgot about her drive!

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The most bourgeois hotel room in Kiev

Jul. 28th, 2017 02:47 pm
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We're heading out for lunch as soon as the dude can get the AC working, but in the meantime behold the "VIP suite," in which we will spend our last evening in Kiev. We are pretty sure Soviet dignitaries stayed here and they haven't touched the room since:



Jul. 28th, 2017 07:07 am
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last night, I went to see part 2 of Angels in America, where the "have you no decency" quote from the McCarthy hearings plays a prominent role, and this morning before I'd looked at any news, Chad said to me, "so, McCain, huh?"

honestly it seems a little on-point, I'm afraid to trust it.


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