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Well, I did it.  One of my goals for this week was to visit the local gym-with-a-pool, get a membership, and get off my ass, even if gently and in the water.  I also bought some personal trainer time, and was supposed to meet with her today to learn the weights/machines, but she was sick and cancelled.  BUT - I went anyway and swam for 15 minutes.  After the first 5, my lungs became asthmatic, so I took a 2 minute break to medicate and re-oxygenate, then the next 10 went well and I even thought about doing more.  But it was good that I didn't because when I got out it was really clear that I had worked those muscles and they (still after and hour) feel a lot like overcooked spagetti. Gaa, I have a long way to go.  On the other hand, I still can't swim slowly, even if I try. Waayyy back, when I was 9-12 I actually swam competitively, as winter exercise when I wan't spending every waking and non-school moment on horseback or working in the barn. 

But what this post is *really* about is that I am making an opt-in filter for anyone who wants to hear about my fitness program with possible intrusions of diet/weight issues. So if you want to hear about it, SAY SO.  Although I can't imagine why anyone but me would want to know these things, unless you really want to know how easy it is for me to lift you up or how long my lungs stay functional without medication or even my bust and waist measurements.  But, then, *some* of you who are interested in my measurements and lift capacity could just measure me yourself.


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