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And right now I feel like we are in the season of upheaval. I want to turn my life over, shake the loose change out of the pockets, and run away somewhere out of this country. Attractive as that might sound however, I'm staying right here. Here is where my people are. My job is here, and despite my job not being relevant to my income, I like the work quite a lot and it helps a lot of people. I feel like in my witchcraft community we are all out of spoons, and yet, each of us always has one to lend when someone needs one. We are rising to the challenge and supporting each other in the face of fear of returning to the burning times, in the face of fear for our brothers and sisters who are not the favored group. I may be white, but I am also a woman, bisexual and a witch. When will they come for me? Some of my best friends are gay men; when will they come for them? I am lucky to live in a part of the country where there is more tolerance rather than less, but we are still not immune.
In order to keep myself functioning, I am keeping my news exposure to a minimum. I am not being a complete ostrich, but trying to hang on every thing that is happening would send me to the psych ward, assuming it hasn't been replaced with jail. Also, I'm working on plans to remodel my house.
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